Joel Weishaus


To those who painted
shadows on the walls
of caves,

To those who still strive
toward their source,

I enter this world to give
I leave this world to receive

      hey hey
          hey hey

A pageant of origins,
a puzzle of you standing on a ridge
looking for the lost Way of Stones.


woman.gif (11136 bytes)Mind Is An Entrance


Thread/shield.gif (12144 bytes)I Live By Snorting 


Thread/totem.gif (8339 bytes)Through A Window


Thread/deer.gif (8274 bytes)Places Become Alive

Thread/group.gif (8795 bytes)Postcards Chatter


Thread/turtle.gif (10496 
bytes) Phonemes Cross Rooms 


Thread/shaman.gif (14655 bytes)Reality Stretches 


Thread/aust.gif (18221 bytes)In The Beginning 


Thread/aztec.gif (15206 bytes)Earlier Religions


Thread/bison.gif (1759 bytes)Archetypically Synchronized


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