Phonemes cross rooms of crucial readings thinking in arcs that caused writing to be sounded.

scenes that erect nervous expressions,
pending the perplexities of doubles,
have artists testing hieroglyphic justice,

Police stare across the courtroom, guns strapped to their side, sitting erect on the other side of an agnatic arc. "Presumed innocent, until proven guilty," the defendants nervously unarmed.

Behind the smokehouse the traps seemed strange, coming around the bear's flesh only,

Police stare: Gazing with the power of Authority, the uniform, the club. And the judge, also a member of the Criminal Justice System. Caught between them is the quarry, trussed-up (handcuffed), not knowing the ropes, trusting in a stranger (lawyer), thus disarmed.

agnatic arc: "There are two types of enthroned male figures: one youthful and strong with an erect phallus, the other ancient and peaceful.... The first, brimming with virility, represents the revival of nature, the second symbolizes dying nature." M.