Mind is an entrance where reading is like fire, enabling flames inside the dark to torch the breath, e
dependent on those who lead the underworld into days of mists that settle on the brow.

Midway through a hot summer's night, reading The Gnostic Gospels, I fell asleep—

There was a stench upstairs whose source I couldn't fathom. Was it from the snake, wrapped around this almost menacing perfection—

Midway through: Clearly a reflection on Dante's, Midway through our life's journey... "The lines from Dante's Inferno quoted above offer an image for the state of mind that comes over persons at midlife as they enter a terrain that seems dark, unmarked, and lonely....Midlife befalls us; we don't ask for it." M Stein, In MidLife. Dallas, TX., 1983.

The Gnostic Gospels: E.H. Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels. New York, 1979. "Pagels made it clear that early Christianity was far more complicated than anyone had ever imagined. A wildly diverse compendium of poems,