Earlier religions are earth's underworld, whose high hills lead to parietal realms, with birds
as symbolic associations having gathered imagery conjoining death as descent,

Every inch of Earth has been measured for development, while a few of us become hunters in prehistoric caves. The precise beginnings of this may have been the dream, someone's 'great dream'. We know how the serpent and the Goddess twine about each other and in fear and delight become one. Theirs is a symbolic union, a natural

Every inch of earth: "We hope that by now it is becoming clear that all places are imaginary, in the sense that they cannot exist for us beyond the image we are capable of forming of them in our minds." P. Shurmer-Smith and K. Hannam, Worlds of Desire, Realms of Power. London, 1994.

in prehistoric caves: B. Johnson, Lady of the Beasts. San Francisco. 1988.

from the land of the dead: J.D. Loftin, "Supplication and Participation: The Distance and