Places become alive by circling that part of death which still desires when humans painted stones, tagging whatever taught them magic, making their nature unique. 


People rush to cities touted by media as the most desirable places to live...until overcrowded, overpriced, crime- ridden; then other places are hawked for destruction--
My rent has been raised twice this year. With little money, noisy  neighbors, barking all night, why do I still       


People rush: "Are there any foreign bodies who are not irritants, nuisance, parasites, bloodsuckers, something that drains and feeds off the system without contributing in return? Can foreign bodies be a vital, productive part of the system, be recognized as needing a place, a different place, to work and rest? Can they poison and cure? There is no way that foreign bodies will easily stay in place, no way that a system can expel all foreign bodies. Forget pest control. We need transfusions." foreignbody @