Archetypically synchronized to animals, the shaman remembers a language that keeps the universal interpreted with speech not descended from words, always risking animated spirits as

A friend told me that he wants to immigrate to Germany. "But I'd have to ship my five-hundred paintings, and I won't go without a sign of entrancement. Next to the masked shamanic figure, we see a staff surmounted by a bird, which an auroch, or a similar large mammal, is leaning over him. Some

a sign of entrancement: M. Ripinsky-Naxon The Nature of Shamanism. Albany, NY., 1993.

masked shamanic figure: "It concerns a drawing in Lascaux Cave from the Old Stone Age, that is, from about sixteen to seventeen thousand years ago. The cave was discovered near the French village of Montignac in the Dordogne in 1940. It contains a profusion of drawings of animals executed with consummate skill, but also a drawing of a human figure. At a cursory glance, this naked man seems to have fallen over  backward, right in front of a huge