Reality stretches to incomprehensible numbers, asking which questions enter the order of half-given commands whose purpose is to relate symptoms to expert others.

As there are tables outside the cafe, I sit down. From the other tables professional types give me unfriendly looks, as, I am not dressed in office attire.

A man sitting nearby makes a strange gesture.

remove my hat: "Beuys's famous fedora, what he called the 'vehicle' for his spiritual, shaman-like powers, is made of felt. Felt comes from wool, wool comes from sheep, and all sheep begin as lambs. Lambs, according to (Rudolf) Steiner, represent  'a group-soul for the higher manifestation of men [being] represented by the lamb in the center of the seal, the mystical lamb, the sign of the Redeemer.' J.F. Moffitt, Occultism in Avabt-Garde Art--The Case of Joseph Beuys. Ann Arbor, 1988.