Twenty-Four Critiques of Poetry & Poetics

Joel Weishaus

Frances Presley, Lines of Flight.  
Vincent Tripi, Paperweight For Nothing.
Peter Pereira, What's Written on the Body.
Michael McClure, Mysteriosos.

Sarah Rosenthal, Editor, A Community Writing Itself.
Stanley Diamond, Totems.

Don McKay, Strike/Slip.
Shin Yu Pai, Adamantine.
Peter O'Leary, Depth Theology.
Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Editor, Effigies.
"Merlin's Cry," A Poem by Michael Whan.

"A Life That Has Always Been," The Poetry of Susan Rowland.
Ko Un, Himalaya Poems.
Harriet Tarlo, Editor, The Ground Aslant: An Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry.
Miroslav Holub, Intensive Care: Selected and New Poems.
Lew Welch, Ring of Bone: Collected Poems.
Margaret Chula, Just This.
dg nanouk okpik, Corpse Whale.
Etta Blum, The Space My Body Fills.
Daniel Simko, The Arrival.

Allan Burns, Editor, Where The River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku.
"The Old Ones," A Poem by Loren Eiseley.
Michael McKimm, Fossil Sunshine.
Arthur Sze, Compass Rose.



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