Conversations with Humanities Scholars:

Daniel C. Noel, Ph.D. "The Soul of Shamanism"
Gregory L. Ulmer, Ph.D. "Imaging EmerAgency"
Alan Sondheim, M.A. "Being On-Line"
David H. Rosen, M.D. "The Evolution of a Jungian Shaman"
Christopher Shultis, Ph.D. "Silencing the Sounded Self."
Jenny L. Yates, Ph.D. "Psyche and Brain"
Fatima Lasay, M.A. "Being Universal" (A Dialogue)








Interviewed by:

August Highland "Interview with Joel Weishaus"
Tom Bell "Writing for Health and Pleasure"
Robert Wilson "The Healing Spirit of Haiku"
Edward Picot "The Gateless Gate"