“Together with his waking life (his dreams) form a single tapestry of brilliant colors and scenes."
                                                                                                                -H.Kawai, The Buddhist Priest Myoe: A life of Dreams.

I had a stone. There was an eye in the stone.
The eye was white, not pure white, but a bit darkened.
The stone jumped, as if alive. When I put it down it moved
like a fish on land. The name of the stone was Sekigan, Stone-eye.
A kind of fish was hung from the roof.
Inside, the fish decayed, and became nothing.
One of its eyes looked like it was about to fall out.
Besides the fish, there was a dried-out animal.
It had four legs and holes in its back.
A woman held it. She said, "How could such a noble person as I
kill such an animal as this?" I thought, The animal is the woman.
Laying on the ground, the creature said, Please, hang me up again.
It seemed to be in extraordinary pain. I consoled it, and thought:
It's used to being high, and wants to be up there again.