Opening symphonies out of circles//a more rounded I writes its experience onto a heart uniting incompatible senses//shared as leaped and gathered distances


On a patio in Old Town, a rattle clutched in her gamboling hand, a child waddles through unmowed grass, each step a loss and  recovery, each an obligation to the difficult whole.

Birds tweeting between riffs of human chatter suggest migrations of shadows used first in


Old Town: The Villa de Alburquerque, founded February 7, 1706, was to where Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdez, Governor of the Spanish Province of New Mexico brought twelve families and a Franciscan friar. "Cuervo had broken almost every law regarding the establishment of new settlements. To begin with, he displayed remarkable audacity in founding a villa, the highest classification of Spanish town, without first consulting his superiors. Secondly, he apparently failed to file a communal land grant of four square leagues of land for the