Where Earth's blinking eyes contracted into cribs of solid water,
seasons bearing bladders of ocher released their glandular contents
and foetal sentries separated deadened lead from morning's soul,
pressing, holding, curling into thighs, tapping on chambers of coiled
dark desires cold as a skull, a massive girdle of groiny mysteries,
the slippage of subordinated shapes rotating a patchwork of vacated
faces, a void whose sinews terrified aslant anatomy, harmonizing
offerings to the Other, informing beings who organized into a knotted
world that dreams in glimpses.

The Fathers fumed in menstrual chambers of egg-like gaps, scrambling
the howls of actual animal substances, a bestial wallowing in the jelly of
generative space, and retrieved a topology so warped the staked out
appetites of sharpened boundaries looped, curtaining death's headless
digits with fingers.

The lines that originate from densities, freeing unnameable alignments,
crossed ice-fearing skins with navel endurances beyond themselves;
hairless, befallen, breathing the oxygen of an arrogance that has no past.

Finding our animalhood's dark trail strewn with mysteries, we began
to trust in the clutching of divisions.