"Come Here Leave Me Alone" is a sculpture made during the early 1980s. High-fired clay, painted with acrylics, mounted on a wood base with Brancusi in mind, the legs without feet, terminate in a point, head is small, and the face is oval, without details, the arms rest on the excessively pendulous breasts. It is the mature work of an artist who went beyond addressing

the sacrifices
one makes to become an artist.
The sculpture has a demonic quality: Lorca's duende, Singer's dybbuk, Muse as Siren with a long sensual tongue
a hand beckoning the artist draw closer.

alone-1.jpg (15007 bytes) Her call is to endless failure, with moments of satisfaction. As the work progresses it becomes more demanding: the artist's dilemma and while the isolated calls of a single wolf are not comparable to the complex speech of an individual human, perhaps the interactive vocal pattern of the pack is a sign of indirection.

the legs: L. Pericot-Garcia, J. Galloway, A. Lommel, Prehistoric and Primitive Art. New York, 1967.
while the:. Dunn, "Speculations: on the evolutionary continuity of music and animal communication behavior." In, Music, Language and Environment: Collected Works by David Dunn, (Self-published, 1990)

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