Reality Too is a one-year (b)log of thoughts pondered, dreams exposed, books, essays, poems, photographs, whole or collaged, carried forth by conjoining what's happening in my life with the life of the planet. In essence, it is what post-Jungian theorist Susan Rowland calls, "reading reality aesthetically.” It is also a form of travel writing, in the sense that, "Travel writing creates worlds, not simply discovers them."1

The project's central purpose is to relocate the literary tradition in a medium links new transmissions to old libraries.

Listen! —
                   the pouring water!
                                                The dogs and trees
                   conspire to invent
                   a world—gone!

 -W.C. Williams. From, Paterson.

This is doubt that "does not only ask the question, 'Is your story capable of being told?' It also asks the question, 'Was it possible to experience it?'"2


1. P. Bishop, "The Geography of Hope and Despair: Peter Matthiessen's The Snow Leopard." South Australian College of Advanced Education, Magill, Summer 1985.
2. H. Hesse, The Journey to The East. New York, NY, 1972.

Thank you to the Department of English, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, for making research resources available to me.

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