"An interesting feature of Kwakiutl woods carvings and masks, depicting this same creature, is the mouth--it is pursed in a whistling position with parted lips, ostensibly making the high-pitched and powerful screams its real-life counterpart emits as it prowls through the conifer forest." M. Grumley, There Are Giants in the Earth. Garden City, NY., 1974. pp.92-3.

"Elizabeth Anscombe, the Cambridge philosopher, was once asked what she thought people would do if it could be shown that apes could speak (given the tremendous symbolic importance ascribed to human language). Reportedly, she responded, 'Simple, they'll up the ante' (that is, language would be redefined so that language would still be uniquely human)."
A.N. Rowan, "The Human-Animal Interface: Chasm or Continuum? In, M.H. Robinson and L. Tiger, Editors, Man & Beast Revisited. Washington, D.C., 1991. p.282.