"For example, the domestication of cattle did not begin as a simple prospect of milk and meat. Cattle had magical functions, sometimes oracular, sometimes sacrifical. And the choice of a given species as magical, tameable and alimentary was originally determined by habits, proximity and 'invitation' of the animal in question." J. Berger, "Why Look at Amimals?" In, John Berger: Selected Essays. New York, 2001. p.259.

"Nuer (of the southern Sudan) wash their hands and faces in the urine of cattle, especially when cows urinate during milking, drink their milk and blood, and sleep on their hides by the side of the smoldering dung. They cover their bodies, dress their hair, and clean their teeth with the ashes of cattle dung, and eat their food with spoons made from their horns..." E.E. Prichard, Nuer Religion, Oxford, 1986. pp.36-7.